My Makeup

It wasn’t until I had my second baby when I started really caring about what I put on my face or how my make-up actually looked after applying it. After I had my second baby I fell into a slump and I realized that I felt a whole lot better if I got ready for the day. That meant doing my hair and my make-up every day. I noticed a huge difference one I started this daily regiment. I’d take a quick shower.. weather that was the night before or that morning while the baby was still sleeping. After that I’d try my best to quickly do my make-up while Grahm was still asleep or I’ll bring my make-up out to the living room and put it on while hes playing or eating breakfast. Then after I got my face ready for the day if I had time I would re-curl my hair (I wash my hair once to twice a week). If I don’t have time i’ll throw my hair up in a braid, pony, or a ball cap (I LOVE a good ball cap).

I just want to say.. If you’re currently in a slump like I was then try getting ready for the day. Even if you have absolutely no place to go. Get ready. Do it for yourself. I PROMISE you’ll feel 10X better.

So without further a duo here are my favorite make-up products that I’ve fell inlove with over the last few years.

  1. My first favorite make-up product is my concealer. I’ve tried a million (OK exaggerating a little bit.. but seriously alot) concealers, I have the darkest circles under my eyes (thanks alot genetics). Pair dark cirlces with exhaustion from your 3 month olds sleep regression and it’s an ugly sight.
  2. My next favorite make-up product is my mascara. I have been asked a few times if my eyelashes were fake wearing this mascara. I’ve used this stuff since highschool and it hasn’t let me down so far.
  3. My third favorite make-up product is my bronzer. I’ve also been using this product for years. In my opinion, it’s the best.